All open orders are available in Order Book > Open Orders. The system downloads unshipped orders with a specific status (depending on the integration) and treats all downloaded orders as open orders.

Open orders need to be processed, for them to be moved to the processed order and be marked as shipped on the integrated channel. Processing an order in the context of order management means fulfilling the order, packing the ordered items, printing the label, invoices and shipping it. The Open Orders screen allows doing all this and much more. 

Open Orders Screen Functionality:


 Working with orders and locations 


Move orders to other Locations

Linnworks allows you to track multiple stock levels for the same item across different physical locations or warehouses. From the Open Orders screen, you can see orders for each specific Location and work with them.

The Locations - multiple warehouses article will give a you detailed overview of how Linnworks can track multiple stock levels for the same item in different locations.

Hot Buttons

Hot Buttons allow users quick access to key functionality/tasks that are otherwise only be available through the right-click menu. 

Below are the default buttons which are always available on all views

  •  New Order - used to create a direct order in Linnworks, for example when receiving an order placed over the phone
  •  Despatch Console - offers a fast, simple and efficient way of processing orders
  •  Settings - provides access to order book and location settings

For more information on how to configure/display additional buttons such as Edit Order and View Order in each view, please click here.

Right-click menu

The right-click menu gives you access to actions which can be performed with the orders. This includes printing labels, editing order details, creating notes for the orders, processing orders, creating folders and much more. You can find more information on these options here.

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