Order Folders are added and deleted in Settings > General Settings > Order Settings > Folder Manager. Full details on Folder Management are available here.

Once you have created the necessary Folders, you can assign your orders to the said folders:


1. Go to the Open Orders screen.

2. Select the needed order(s).

3. Right-click or Actions button > Organize > Folder > Add to Folder > Select the needed Folder name.

Automatically via Rules Engine:

1. Go to Orders > Rules Engine.

2. Follow the steps here to create a new rule.

3. The Action, in this case, should be Assign order to folder.

4. Save the rule.

5. Any orders downloaded or created in the system after this rule has been created, saved, and enabled that match these prerequisites will now have the rule automatically run on them.

6. If you need to run the rule on any orders that existed in the system before the rule creation, please do so manually:

Select the order(s) in Open Orders > right-click or Actions > Other Actions > Run Rules Engine > Select either All or the name of the rule you want to force run.