You may have noticed that some of your Amazon orders display an unusual Tax Rate in Linnworks - for example, orders arriving from the UK display a Tax Rate of 19.95% or 20.15% on the OrderItem level or on invoices, while the accurate Tax Rate for these products would be 20.00%.

The issue comes up when using the Tax Rates via the Amazon tax settings, and the system requests the according tax values from the channel. The setting for this is located under the Channel Integration screen, in Edit Channel details:

During order download, Linnworks is provided only with the order value and the actual paid tax value - and then the system calculates the rate backwards. This leads to situations where the supplied order values make the backwards calculated Tax Rate be a decimal number:

This happens when Linnworks uses the supplied values for the tax paid for the calculation of the Tax Rate:

1.17 / (6.99-1.17) * 100% = 20.1%


One logical solution would be for Linnworks to match the tax rate and round it based on known information, but the system cannot make assumptions as to how the Tax Rate needs to be rounded for each specific order.

An example would be orders from the United States where Tax Rates vary from one state to another and where the rates are not always a full number, some of them are decimals - the tax rate in California is 7.25%. If we were rounding taxes, it could potentially lead to even more issues.

This results in the system storing the Tax Rate values for reports, order item details, and exports as the raw value based on calculation from the values we receive from Amazon. 

As a workaround for displaying the rounded tax rate for your printed invoices, you could use the following expression: 


You can store that expression in the Tax Rate field of an Invoice Template by adding a Custom Column and replacing the Name value with the expression: