Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to Amazon.

Rather than dispatching an item as soon as possible, Amazon Scheduled Deliveries allow your buyers to choose a specific day or date range for their delivery. If an order is placed with scheduled delivery, then the delivery date range selected by the buyer will be displayed on the Linnworks Open Orders screen, under Shipping information. The order will also display the Amazon Scheduled Delivery identifier:

If you do not see this value and/or the identifier on your Open Orders screen, then make sure that the Scheduled Delivery Start and Scheduled Delivery End under Shipping Information and Identifiers under General Info options are enabled in your view settings:

To create a custom view showing only your Amazon Scheduled Delivery orders, create a filter in the view setting for Identifiers (under General Info) for Amazon Scheduled Delivery identifier:

Old Open Orders screen:

In the old Open Orders screen, the delivery date range will replace the value of the standard Despatch By date:

If you are not seeing the Despatch By/Delivery date on the screen, make sure to enable the Delivery Dates option in view settings (The identifier icon will not be visible in the old Open Order screen):

To create a custom view for scheduled delivery orders, add an Identifiers filter for Amazon scheduled delivery to your General info column: