Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to Amazon. Make sure to also check the general troubleshooting steps for Despatch Notes here.

General troubleshooting steps applicable for most or all channels (for details see the article here):

1. The Despatch Notes setting must be enabled before the order is processed.

2. The original items must remain in the order.

3. The order Source channel must be enabled during order processing.

Amazon specifics for troubleshooting:

1. Make sure the respective setting is enabled in Settings > Channel integrations > Edit channel details > Order > Despatch Notes. Full details on Amazon channel configuration are available here.

2. For Amazon orders, Linnworks will display the following information in the order Audit Trail:

  • Order Despatch Submitted: Added to the audit trail when a Despatch Note is sent.
  • No Despatch required: This is shown if Despatch Notes are disabled.
  • Order Successfully Despatched: Added when Amazon has confirmed the Despatch Note was accepted.
  • Order Despatch Failed: This is shown with a reason for the failure if a Despatch Note failed to send. Linnworks will attempt to resend the Despatch Note for the next 24 hours.
  • Despatch Rejected: This can be added if the channel has been deleted or has been disabled.
  • Dispatch note is ignored: This will be added if Despatch Note or the channel is (or was) disabled at the time of order processing.

3If you are using Amazon Buy Shipping integration in Linnworks to print shipping labels for your Amazon orders, then you may notice that the orders are marked as despatched/shipped on Amazon Seller Central before you have actually processed the orders in Linnworks.

This is the default behaviour of Amazon Seller Central itself and cannot be controlled by Linnworks. If you would print the labels directly on Amazon Seller Central, then the same would be applied by Amazon. Once you process the order in Linnworks, the Despatch Note sent by Linnworks will contain the full details i.e. the tracking number, processing timestamp etc which will update the data added by Amazon during label printing.