Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to Amazon.


Some Amazon orders are parked, unpaid, and the address displayed on them is UNKNOWN. 


These orders are Amazon pending orders. A pending order from Amazon is an order which has been placed but has not yet been paid for or the payment has not been confirmed by Amazon. Unpaid orders are automatically parked by the system in Linnworks until a status update is received from Amazon.

Once these orders are confirmed as paid orders, the system will update the payment status and address and automatically unpark the order.

If these orders are cancelled or not confirmed, then Linnworks will mark the order as cancelled and move it to processed orders.

Pending orders should not be manually unparked or deleted as the stock is accounted for and deleting the orders may cause an oversell.

If you are certain that the order is not required any longer, but the system has not done the necessary automated updates mentioned above, please raise a ticket in our Support Center for our agents to investigate the matter.

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