Linnworks allows printing specific invoices for different subsources automatically without the need to select the correct invoice template each time. This can be achieved with printing conditions - they are based on the use of logical operators which check against the set requirements.

For example, if two different websites need different invoices, then using the printing conditions, you can have the system pick up a matching template based on the channel's source and subsource. And if no conditions are met, then the default template will be printed.

Please note! Linnworks must always have a default template available. The default template cannot have printing conditions applied to it, so there would always be a non-conditional template available. If you wish to use the default template with printing conditions, you can make a copy of it and apply the printing conditions to the copy.

To access printing conditions, please do the following:

Edit a non-default template > click Printing Conditions > add printing conditions.

Examples of conditions:

1. [cCountry]= 'Germany'

Orders that have their shipping country set a Germany will have this Invoice template printed automatically when printing invoices.

2. [Source] = 'EBAY' AND [SubSource] = 'EBAY0'

A condition can have more than one Variable indicated. The AND operator can be used when using multiple variables within a condition. When using the AND operator all conditions need to be true for the condition to be satisfied.

It is not possible to use an AND for multiples of the same variable, i.e. an order cannot have source AMAZON and EBAY at the same time - in this case, you need to use the OR operator (see below).

3. [SubSource] = 'EBAY0' OR [SubSource] = 'AMAZON UK'

The OR operator can be used when using multiple variables within a condition. When using the OR operator, at least one of the conditions needs to be true for the condition to work.

Please note! Linnworks will try and match an order with an appropriate invoice by working through the list of invoices and picking the first one that matches the conditions set. If there are several templates with conditions which would match, it will not be possible to guarantee which template will be used. It is advised to use condition sets with multiple conditions to ensure the correct invoice is printed - by creating exclusive printing conditions on all conditional invoice templates.

For a more detailed guide and examples of Printing Conditions, please refer to this documentation article.

Print Specific Invoice

There is also another way of printing a specific invoice template for your orders. Instead of using printing conditions, you can also select the specific template manually, using 'Print specific invoice'. In this case, you can select one or more orders, right-click > Print > Specific Invoice and select which invoice template is to be used for the order(s). 

Please note! Only templates without printing conditions can be selected as a specific invoice.