Some channels are starting to require certain specifics from sellers as part of changes to be made due to Brexit.

For example, one of the most common requirements is displaying VAT numbers on Invoices sent to buyers. For users utilizing our Template Designer Invoice templates, we suggest one of two options:

1. The best option is using channel-specific invoice templates selected based on Printing Conditions. Please see this solution article on how to add Printing Conditions to set the specified templates up.

When using channel-specific invoice templates, you can simply add a VAT number (or any other required information) as fixed text inside an existing Labels and Variables box or drag a new one in a suitable place on the invoice:

Double-clicking on the existing/new box will open the Edit Label screen where you can enter the needed value however suitable for you:

2. If you are using one invoice template for all channels and do not wish to switch to using multiple specific options, not using channel-specific invoices and do not wish to use this option, you can use expressions to display the needed data depending on the channel.

You can add the expression either to an existing Labels and Variables box or add a new box to a suitable place on the invoice like described above in option 1.

For example, if I have 4 different channels:


where e.g. "MY_AMAZON_VAT_NUMBER" would stand for whatever text value/number you want to display on an Amazon order for the matter. 

You can add as many Source values and whichever values required for your account by copying/editing the above example version as long as the Source name matches the Source you see on your orders (case-sensitive). 

You can also use the [{SubSource}] variable instead of or together with the [{Source}] variable, whether you need different values displayed per SubSource.

NB! Please note that the above expression should be in one single line, since using line breaks might not display the text where you expect it to.

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