The Sent Mail screen under Email Notifications displays a list of all the Automated and Manual emails sent out from your account to your customers.

Full details on the Sent Mail screen are available here and for more information on the Email Notifications, please see this documentation page.

If you are using the email function in Linnworks, but are not seeing any/the emails you expect to see in the Sent Mail screen, then please check the following:

1. Is the connection with your Email Account working properly?

Go to Emails > Email Notifications > Accounts > Edit > Test.

2. Is the Email Notifications template that should have been sent for the order enabled?

Go to Emails > Email Notifications > find the respective template > check the Enabled column.

3. Does the order match the Send Conditions of any of your templates?

If you are using Send Conditions on your templates, you need to make sure they are set up correctly for the orders to have a template to pick up. Full details on Send Conditions are available here.

To check whether the system did not find an appropriate template, you can take a look at the Audit Trail of the order:

  1. Find the order in Open Orders/Processed Orders screen
    a) Open Orders > double-click on the order > History or in the old Open Orders screen: Audit Trail
    b) Processed Orders > + to expand > Audit Trail

  2. If the EMAIL SENT action shows the note No matching template forthen you will need to check the Send Conditions for the templates you are using to make sure the issue is resolved. For this specific order, you can then only send a manual email on top since the automated emails are only triggered when the respectively associated action has been performed and cannot be re-triggered.

4. Are you using Legacy Desktop to process orders?

If you have access to Legacy Desktop and are still using it to process orders, then no emails would be sent from to any orders that are processed in Desktop. The Email Notifications function is separate from the Desktop emails function and only works with orders processed in .Net.