In Linnworks you can customize and print Stock Item Labels for your inventory items.

In addition to the variables available by default, you can add up to 5 Additional info Extended Properties that will only be displayed and used on the Stock Item Labels.

Please see here for full details on creating and editing Stock Item Labels in Template Designer.

Stock Item Labels can be printed in 3 different places of the system:

1.  Printing from My Inventory:

Select the needed SKUs > right-click or click on the cogwheel icon > Print labels

In the Print Stock Item Labels popup, select the needed Stock Item Label template name and the either tick the default quantity option or add the number of labels you need. The printer will be selected based on the template settings.

2. Printing from Open Orders:

Select the needed orders > right-click or Actions > Print > Stock Item Label > Select Print to print the first suitable template to the printer specified on the template or select the needed Stock Item Label template name > select the needed printer name. 

3. Printing from Stock In screen:

a) Please see here for details on the Stock In screen and Stock Item Label printing.

b) Check this solution article for printing Stock Item Labels from Linnworks Mobile Stock In screen.