In Linnworks, the External Reference Number (Increment ID) is prefixed with either "MAGENTO" by default or whichever Invoice Prefix you have added when integrating the channel. This is visible in Settings > Channel Integration > Edit channel details > Order > Invoice prefix. 

If the field is blank, then no specified prefix was added during integrating and the default prefix of MAGENTO is added to the External Reference Numbers.

Below are steps how to add the External Reference Number (Increment ID) to your Invoice Template without the prefix:

  1. Go to Settings -> Template Designer > Edit the required template (For details on adding a new one, please see here).

  2. Drag and drop a Labels and Variables element in the suitable place on the template and double-click on the box.

  3. Paste this expression into the Edit label box:
    EVAL{BEGIN}Replace[[{ExternalReference}], "MAGENTO",""]{END}

    If you are using a custom prefix for your Magento channel integration then replace MAGENTO in the expression with the respective prefix for it to be removed from the reference on the templates.

  4. Click Ok and be sure to save the template.

Any invoices using this template will now be printed displaying the External Reference Number without the MAGENTO or custom prefix.