When adding a Gmail account to Linnworks (for setting up email notifications), there is an error message returned for the test email.


The most common issue is 2-step verification blocking access to your Gmail account. In this case, simply using the email and password in the account settings will not work. 2-Step verification requires an App Password to be generated for each application with which you want to use this email account. 

In order to correctly authenticate a Gmail account in Linnworks, please do the following:

  1. Go to your Google Account.
  2. On the left navigation panel, click Security.
  3. On the Signing into Google panel, click App passwords.
  4. Note: If you can't get to the page, then 2-Step Verification is: 

    •   Not set up for your account
    •   Set up for security keys only
  5. At the bottom, click Select app and choose the app you’re using.
  6. Click Select app, Other (Custom Name) and give it a name (e.g. Linnworks).
  7. Click Generate.

Once the password is generated, you can proceed with the instructions on the screen and paste the 16-digit password into the Password field of the Add/Edit Account screen in Linnworks.

For Gmail SMTP settings, refer here.

For more information, please refer to Google Account Help