Data filtering is required in a wide range of strategies or solutions. Filtering means that data can be set in a way to display most relevant information for a user without including other data that can be repetitive, irrelevant or even sensitive. 

The Open Orders screen allows you to create custom views to only display the type of data you need to see or specific orders based on your set filtering. 

Customising a view

Custom views can be set up for stagnant selection of views and data based on your needs, by creating a new view using the Manage Views option available under the Views list:

To edit an existing view, select the view and click on the cogwheel icon. 

in the Editing View screen, you can tick the columns and the details within the columns you want to be displayed and set the sorting order and any filters you want to be applied to your view. Additionally, you can add Hot Buttons for quick access to your most commonly used actions.

Full details on all options in the Editing View screen are available here.

Using Quick filters

In addition to applying the filters as a saved and stagnant option as a custom view, you can add quick filters on your views whether you need to sort them by any further means and/or temporarily:

Full details on the Quick Filters panel are available here

The old Open Orders screen

In the old Open Orders screen, the views can be created by clicking on the + symbol on the view tabs line. To edit existing views, click on the downwards arrow icon next to the view name. 

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