All new orders, direct and external, will be displayed in Orders > Open Orders. Processing an order in the context of Order Management means fulfilling the order, packing the ordered items, printing labels and invoices, and shipping it. Linnworks provides several different methods for this process.

1. Process orders one-by-one via the Open Orders screen

Right-click > Action > Process Orders

Alternatively, this action can be added as a Hot Button. In order to do this, you need to go to your Open Orders screen > select Edit View > Hot Buttons > Add New.

2. Despatch Console

Despatch Console can be used together with a USB barcode scanner which allows you to scan the Linnworks order id on Linnworks invoices and packing lists or item barcodes on stock item labels and pick lists.

There are 3 ways how you can process orders with despatch console:

By Order ID

Batch Process by Order ID

By Item Barcode

3. Import 'Process Orders'

This import is a fast and easy way of processing open orders in Linnworks in bulk, and it requires only one field - Linnworks order id.

Important to remember:

  • It will mark Open Orders as Processed, and it can not be used to update orders that have already been marked as processed.
  • It will not mark orders which are parked and locked in non-fulfillment locations.
  • It will take into account order processing options set in Settings > General Settings > Order Settings > Error Prevention

 If the below options are selected, Linnworks will only process: paid orders, orders where all items are linked, and orders with sufficient stock to fulfill the order. Other orders will remain open even if they are present in the file.

4. Batch Processing

This method is convenient if all the labels and invoices are already printed for the orders and it is required to just mark these orders as processed, quickly and without further confirmation screens.

Please note! Batch Process Orders does not take into account order settings, as it assumes that the user has already confirmed that these orders are safe to process. All selected orders will be marked as processed with the Batch Process Orders function.


Open Orders Views allow you to configure how you see your orders, depending on the specified requirements. Each business can have their own strategies how they work with orders based on SKUs, category, destination, cost of the order, etc.

Please refer to this guide for more information on working with order views.