If you need to print a specific type of an invoice for a certain order or a group of orders without setting up Printing Conditions, you can select a specific invoice manually for any selected orders.

Select the order(s) > right-click or Actions button > Print > Invoice Select the name of the invoice > select the printer.

NB! This option can only be used with invoice templates that are enabled and do not have Printing Conditions applied.

If you need to manually print an invoice that already exists, but is conditional, then you can make a copy of this invoice and remove the Printing Conditions from the copy. This way you will have two versions of the invoice available - one for automatic selection based on Printing Conditions, and one for manual selection.

  1. Copy the invoice templates (Settings > Template Designer > Invoice Template > Copy).
  2. Remove Printing Conditions from the copy.
  3. Manually print specific invoices (without printing conditions) with the steps described above.

To print a specific invoice in the old Open Orders screen:
Select order(s) > Print > Specific invoice > select the name of the template > select Template defined to send it to the printer specified for the template in Template designer or select the needed printer.