All open orders are available in Orders > Open Orders screen. The system downloads unshipped orders with a specific status (depending on the integration), and treats all downloaded orders as open orders.

Open orders need to be processed for them to be moved to the Processed Orders screen and be marked as shipped on the integrated channel. Processing an order in the context of order management means fulfilling the order, packing the ordered items, printing the shipping label and invoices and shipping it. The Open Orders screen allows doing all this and much more. 

For a quick overview of the basic features of Order Management in Linnworks, please see the respective introductory Getting Started Guide page on Order Management here.


Open Orders screen displays a dropdown for selecting the Linnworks location that you want to display. It is only possible to display order from one location at a time. Please see here for details on working with Order Locations and how to set up cases where you need orders to be automatically moved or downloaded to a specific location.


The default views on Open Orders screen display all of the downloaded/imported/directly created orders in your system. It is possible to create customized views in Open Orders screen, which allow you to always keep track of only specific orders based on whichever filters you want to apply. View settings also determine which columns, details, tags, etc information is displayed on the screen for the orders. Please see here for details on working with views.


Custom views also allow you to set up Hot Buttons for shortcut access to the actions you regularly take on your orders for faster workflow. Please see this article for steps on creating Hot Buttons.

Order settings

Under Settings > General Settings > Order Settings tab you can find an array of different settings intended to assist with your workflow and which can also be used to prevent errors during order processing. Full details on all the available settings are given here.

Processing orders

The actual action of order processing has four different methods available in Linnworks. Here you can see a short overview of the options to decide which would best fit with your workflow. 

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