Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to EKM. Make sure to also check the general troubleshooting steps for Despatch Notes here.

General troubleshooting steps applicable for most or all channels (for details see the article here):

1. The Despatch Notes setting must be enabled before the order is processed.

2. The original items must remain in the order.

3. The order Source channel must be enabled during order processing.

EKM specifics for troubleshooting:

1. Make sure the respective setting is enabled in Settings > Channel integrations > Edit channel details > Order > Despatch Notes. Full details on EKM channel configuration are available here.

2. Despatch Notes for EKM rely on > Channel integrations > Edit channel details > Order > Order Status Mapping.

Linnworks can only send Despatch Notes to EKM if the Linnworks order status (right column) Shipped is mapped to an EKM status (left column). If Linnworks status Shipped is not mapped to an EKM status, no Despatch Notes are sent.

Shipped status should only be mapped to one EKM status. However, if it is mapped to more than one, then Linnworks will first check for these EKM statuses Dispatched, Despatched, ShippedIf none of these is present, a random EKM status from the statuses mapped to Linnworks status Shipped will be used.

Please see the EKM Order Status Mapping documentation for full details to make sure your integration is configured according to your requirements.