In rare cases Linnworks may not update all the information:

  • if there were interruptions during sync, possibly by a drop in network connection, orders have been downloaded without items or an item.
  • order details could be edited on the channel after the order was downloaded and these new details did not get updated to the system.


Linnworks save and show the information provided to it by the channels through the XML. The XML of the order can be viewed by right-click > View > View Order XML.

XML is stored in Linnworks for 30 days after the order is processed. For the open order, XML will always be present.

  • If the order XML is missing, then Linnworks did not download all the information properly.
  • If the order XML is present but the information in it is different from details on the channel, the order was downloaded before it was edited on the channel.

If you received an order with incorrect/missing information:

Open a ticket with Technical Support.


  • Unprocessed order example (examples) with the problem
  • Details what exactly is missing/wrong in the order

Please Note! Our specialists have the resources to identify at which step of the synchronization the information got skipped and what are the potential reasons, however, it will take time for us to review the order.


If there is no option to wait and the order must be processed urgently you can re-download order with all the information in it.