This is a channel-specific article for Magento 2. For general information on despatch notifications in Linnworks please click here.

Linnworks have added "limited" support for couriers providing tracking numbers and courier information to Magento. It is limited in that the tracking number and courier name will be provided to Magento no matter which courier is being used, however, only DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS will be recognized by Magento. If, for example, you are using Royal Mail, the courier information on Magento will reflect as "Custom" (tracking number will still be sent correctly).

In order to get any of the four supported courier names to work on Magento, the postal services must be mapped in Linnworks with the Linnworks service name specifically being "DHL", "USPS", "UPS" or "FedEx" (case insensitive).

Please see the image below as an example: