By default, Linnworks downloads all unshipped orders, both paid and unpaid. This is done so that Linnworks could "reserve" available stock levels for the required items to avoid over-selling.

Unpaid orders can be identified in the open orders screen by the red currency symbol $, £, or depending on the currency the order was downloaded with.

Unpaid orders are checked during every sync to see if they have subsequently been paid. If the payment information has been updated on the channel, the order will be updated in Linnworks. Once order is paid for on the channel, this will be updated in Linnworks with the next sync.

Amazon - special case

Unpaid orders for Amazon appear greyed out in the Open Orders screen: they are parked and contain no address information. This is because Amazon does not provide any information on the buyer until the order has been paid for.

Once the order is updated on the channel with the payment and customer information, this will automatically update the order in Linnworks and the order will be unparked, the address information for the order will also be updated to match the information on the channel. This will allow you to then process those orders from within Linnworks.

Best practices for working with unpaid orders

Though it is not possible not to download unpaid orders, there are options which can help you avoid processing unpaid orders by accident.

1. There is an option which restricts all users from processing unpaid orders via the Open Orders screen. It can be found under Settings > General Settings > Order Processing Options > Only Process Paid Orders. If this option is enabled, you will not be able to process unpaid orders, both in bulk (multiple orders selected) and one by one. 

2. Despatch Console.

If you are using the despatch console for processing orders, there is a setting which will prevent you from processing unpaid orders:

Please note that it is disabled by default. When it is Enabled, and you are using the By Item Barcode tab in the Despatch Console, orders marked as unpaid will not be returned when searching by item barcode in the Despatch Console.

3. Configure Views.

It is possible to Configure View in the Open Orders screen so that only paid orders will be displayed. In this case, you will be working with paid orders only and will not have a chance to process unpaid order by accident.

Please note!

  • Rules Engine only runs on paid orders and will trigger on these orders once their status is updated to paid.
  • It is possible to manually change the order status to paid however this should be done only if you are confident that order is paid, but was not updated to Linnworks for some reason. Doing this in Linnworks will not mark the order as paid on the channel.
  • Process Order Import does not check any settings and processes the orders anyway, even if they are unpaid.

Channels - exceptions

Some channels (as a rule - those, where you can map order statuses) allow you to choose whether you want to download unpaid (pending) orders or not.


Magento has the option to download unpaid (pending) orders. This can be selected in Settings > Channel Integration > Edit Channel details > Orders.

For more information on Magento statuses please refer to this article.

Other channels

There are channels which allow you to map order statuses by specifying which statuses Linnworks needs to download: