What do locked and parked statuses mean?

Locked or Parked orders cannot be edited without being unlocked or unparked. 

While an order is Locked, the items in the order don't affect the available stock level calculations.

While an order is Parked, the items in the order continue to affect the available stock level calculations. 

How to tell if an order is locked or parked?

 This symbol means the order has been Locked.

 This symbol means the order has been Parked.

Why lock or park your orders?

All unpaid orders that are downloaded to the system are set to Parked by default to make sure that such orders will not be processed by accident. 

Please Note! An order cannot be tagged if it is Locked or Parked. If a tagged order is Parked, the tag is overwritten by the "Parked" icon. For Amazon Prime orders, it is recommended to use Identifiers that can be assigned through Settings - Order Settings, which are be visible in the Open Orders Beta screen even if the order is Parked or Locked.

How to Lock/Unlock or Park/Unpark an order. 

Order can be locked/unlocked and parked/unparked by performing the following actions: 

  1. Go to Open Orders.
  2. Highlight one or more orders.
  3. Right-click the order or any order of the highlighted selection.
  4. Actions > Bulk change > Change Status > Lock Order/Unlock Order or Park Order/Unpark Order.