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When are unpaid orders downloaded?

The statuses of the orders that Linnworks downloads depend heavily on the Channel Integration you are using.

By default, Linnworks only downloads orders that are in a certain status on the channel itself - mostly open/unshipped and paid.  

Some Channel Integrations also download unpaid orders by default - for example, Amazon and eBay.

Some channels have specified settings to enable or disable downloading unpaid orders - for example: Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Buy on Google.


There are also integrations that have a setting for unpaid orders, but also require you to take further steps like mapping the order statuses for the download to work correctly. For example: EKM, Magento 1 and 2.

To be sure you receive all needed orders from your channel, always read through the Rules & Guidelines, How to add a new channel? and How to configure channel settings? sections for the integration you are adding. 

All guidelines per channel are available here. 

How to identify unpaid orders?

There are two simple indicators for unpaid orders in Linnworks Open Orders screen - the currency icon color-indication and the automated parking of unpaid orders.

Currency icons

Unpaid orders can be identified in the Open Orders screen by the red currency symbol $, £, or  depending on the currency the order was downloaded with.

Unpaid orders are checked during every sync to see if they have subsequently been paid. If the payment information has been updated on the channel, the order will be updated in Linnworks. Once the order is paid for on the channel, it will be updated in Linnworks with the next sync.

Parked status

All unpaid orders appear greyed out in the Open Orders screen: they are parked by default to make sure that such orders will not be processed by accident.

Once the order is updated on the channel with the payment and customer information, it will automatically update the order in Linnworks and the order will be unparked, the address information for the order will also be updated to match the information on the channel. This will allow you to then process those orders via Linnworks.

Error Prevention for unpaid orders

For cases where the channel or your workflow does not enable you to avoid downloading unpaid orders into Linnworks, we have put in place a few settings and options that can assist you in avoiding unpaid orders from being mistakenly processed.

Error Prevention setting

The Error Prevention section contains a setting to stop users from processing unpaid orders. 

It can be found under Settings > General Settings > Order Settings > Error Prevention > Pre Processing.

Despatch Console setting

If you are using the despatch console for processing orders, there is a setting to prevent users from processing unpaid orders as well. The setting can be found under Settings > General Settings > Order Settings > Despatch Console.

NB! Note that this setting is user-specific. Each logged-in user needs to enable this individually.

Filtered Open Orders Views

It is possible to set up configured Views in the Open Orders screen, so that only paid orders will be displayed in a view you would be using. With this method, only paid orders would be visible to work with and unpaid orders would be excluded from the workflow.  

Full details on working with Open Orders views and the View Manager are available here.

For details on working with filtered views in the old Open Orders screen, please see this documentation.

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