This is a channel-specific article for Shopify. For general information on despatch notifications in Linnworks please click here.

Linnworks will attempt to match the Carrier name to those predefined by Shopify, however in the event of no match the vendor's name as defined in Linnworks will be submitted to Shopify.

Linnworks requires permissions to be granted on Shopify with read and write access. If it is not done despatch notification will not be sent.

Digital Items:

When processing orders that contain digital items, despatch errors may be logged due to the fact that the individual items have previously been marked as despatched directly on Shopify prior to the order downloading. This does not affect the despatch process or tracking information.

  • Linnworks downloads the whole order including digital items so that you have a full record of the order.
  • When the order is processed in Linnworks, a fulfillment notification is submitted to Shopify for each item within the order.
  • In the case of orders containing digital items, an error is returned informing Linnworks the item is already fulfilled.
  • At this point, Linnworks re-submits the order items that have not returned the already fulfilled error, so that Shopify can also mark these items as fulfilled.