Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to Newegg. Make sure to also check the general troubleshooting steps for Despatch Notes here.

1. Make sure the respective setting is enabled in Settings > Channel integrations > Edit channel details > Order > Despatch Notes. Full details on Newegg channel configuration are available here.

2. Newegg will reject Despatch Notes that do not have tracking information added. To ensure tracking information is always added to the order before processing, please follow the steps in this article.

3. Newegg will cancel orders that are not marked as despatched within 72 hours. Excerpt from Newegg FAQs: 

You are allowed 72 hours to ship an order upon receiving order confirmation from us. After 72 hours, orders will auto-void and you will not be paid, regardless if you have shipped the merchandise or not.