This is a channel-specific article for Magento. For general information on despatch notifications in Linnworks please click here.

When the despatch notification is sent to Magento, the order status on the channel will be set to 'Complete'. Linnworks does not download Magento orders with this status. 

Magento also has several features you can use with the despatch notification, they can be enabled in the channel config:

Magento email notification on despatch - enabling this option will instruct Magento to send an email to the customer when the order is processed in Linnworks.

Raise invoice after despatch - once the order is marked as complete, Linnworks will tell Magento to raise an invoice which triggers any payment capture actions on your payment gateway.

Capture invoice after raise - this option relates to the use of pre-authorized payments/orders.

Note: for Magento 2, the status of the orders will only be updated to shipped if the Magento version is 2.1.3 or higher.