Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to eBay. Make sure to also check the general troubleshooting steps for Despatch Notes here.

1. Make sure the respective setting is enabled in Settings > Channel integrations > Edit channel details > Order > Despatch Notes. Full details on eBay channel configuration are available here.

2. If either the Linnworks Postal Service or the Vendor name is Default, the tracking number will not be submitted.

3. eBay will compare the submitted Vendor name (from the Postal Service) to the list of supported shipping carriers. If there is no match, the tracking number will not be accepted.

4. Tracking numbers need to be longer than 5 characters for eBay to accept them.

5. Despatch Notes will not be submitted if order items were replaced or deleted in Linnworks. eBay will not accept the Despatch Notes as the ID of the original item will be missing. In this case, the order needs to be marked as shipped manually on the channel.