When new orders are created/imported/downloaded into Linnworks, then the system checks the Countries list in Linnworks to determine which order to display on the orders and also which ISO code to send to certain Couriers when shipping labels are printed.

If you are seeing the Country displayed as UNKNOWN on the order, then the most likely cause is that the ISO code sent in by the channel or the Country itself does not yet exist or match the values in your Countries list.

To check and amend this:

1. Go to Settings > Countries.

2. In the opened Countries tab you will see a list of country names, ISO codes and other details added to the system by default. Most Channel and Shipping Integrations use Alpha-2 ISO codes as given, for example, here.

For a full overview on the screen and it's functions, please see here

To add a new country not on the list yet, click on Add New on the upper right and enter the expected country name and its ISO code. From then on, any orders that are downloaded indicating that country or ISO code will display it on the orders in Linnworks as well.