You can add Order Notes to any of your open orders manually: Orders > Open Orders > find and select the order > right-click or Actions > Other Actions > View Order Notes > Add new (In the old Open Orders screen: Action > Edit Order Notes). Alternatively, notes can be added in the View Order screen as well.

If you are importing the orders with Open Orders import, then you can also add the notes via import in bulk. Direct and channel orders cannot be edited/have notes added to them via import.

In the Order Notes screen, you can see two tick boxes for each note:

  • Internal notes are meant for information that should only be visible to your staff. They will not be displayed on any documentation meant for your buyers e.g. invoices.
  • Processing Notes allow you to set any internal or public note to pop up during order processing, forcing any user processing the order to acknowledge the note before proceeding to make sure the information on the note is not missed.

* Please note that this is for the old Open Orders screen that is accessible via Action > Edit Order Notes.

Some courier integrations offer the option to add Delivery Notes or add notes to the Pick List added to the shipping label.

Please see this article for using Delivery Notes/instructions and the courier integrations that support this. And check this documentation for the Pick List notes and Courier Integrations that offer the option for a Shipping Label Pick List.

Order notes that are not marked as Internal can also be added to Invoice Templates by using the Order Notes element:

Please see here for full details on using and editing the Template Designer Invoice templates.