In some cases, you might need to create a Resend and not an Exchange, but for a different item(s) than was shipped to your buyer originally. By default, the item(s) on the Resend will match the item(s) from the original order. 

However, a Resend will always create a Resend Order in your Open Orders screen, which you can edit before processing.

For full steps for creating Resends, please see the respective documentation pages here.

Once you have Booked or Actioned the Resend in the RMAs popup screen, you will see a notification stating the created RMA ID, the Resend Order ID and the items that are added to the Resend:

  1. Find the stated Order ID in your Open Orders screen.

    If you chose Book during RMA creation, then by default the Resend order will be Parked as the system assumes you were not ready to process the resend order yet.
    The Resend Order will be automatically Unparked when you Action the RMA in Returns & Refunds screen.If you have not Actioned the RMA yet, but wish to edit the Resend Order, you will need to Unpark it manually:

    - Select the order > right-click or Actions > Other Actions > Change Status > Unpark.
    If you are using the old Open Orders screen: right-click > Action > Bulk Change > Change Status > Unpark Order.

  2. Select the order > right-click or Actions > View Order > click Edit on the upper right of the tab that opens.
    If you are using the old Open Orders screen: right-click > Action > Edit Order.
  3. Now you can delete the original item(s) and add any new item(s) you need to send to your buyer:

In the old Open Orders screen: