You can allocate batched items to orders both automatically and manually in the Open Orders Beta screen. There are two types of batch assignment: 

  • Assign All Unassigned. Will only assign batches to items that are not fully assigned already.
  • Assign All. Will clear all existing batches and assign them based on the current priority.

Automatic batch assignment

The automatic batch assignment will find available batches for the items in an order and allocate them based on priority.

Auto-allocation is triggered by:

  • Generating a pickwave (select orders > right-click > Pickwave > Generate Pickwave)
  • Printing a document from Open Orders

Please note! The automatic batch assignment uses Assign All Unassigned method. If you need to clear all existing batches and reassign them based on the current priority, then this needs to be done manually.

Manual batch assignment

The manual batch assignment lets you choose available batches for one item at a time. This allows for the more precise allocation of batches beyond that provided by priority sorting.

Please note! The manual batch assignment cannot be used once an order is allocated to a pickwave.

You can assign batches to open orders from:

1) Open orders context menu

Go to the Open Orders Beta screen and select orders you need to allocate batched items to. Right-click orders and go to Items > Batch Assignment > Auto-assign Batches and select if you want to assign All Batches or Unassigned Batches only. 

To remove the batch assignment, right-click selected orders and go to Items > Batch Assignment > Clear Batches.

2) View the order screen

Find the order in Open Orders, double-click it to open the View Order screen, and go to the Items tab. Use the Assign All Unassigned button or click the arrow icon to use the Assign All button.

Similarly, remove the batch assignment using the Clear Assigned button.

3) Manual batch assignment screen

To open the Batch Assignment screen, find the order in Open Orders, double-click it to open the View Order screen, and go to the Items tab. Click the icon you see under the Batches column.

When you click the Batches icon, the Batch Assignment screen will open up: 

Select the batch on the left side of the screen (you can also use the search field in the top left-hand corner of the screen to find the batch you need) and click + or - icons or use the Take All or Drop All buttons to assign or unassign stock to an order. 

You can also use the buttons Reset AllClear All, Assign All Unassigned, and Assign All placed at the bottom of the screen.

Please note! You cannot assign stock if an order has been processed or the stock is insufficient to fulfill an order.

Please note! You cannot delete stock assignments if an order has been added to a pickwave.

Open orders views

Enable the Fulfilment Stock Allocation field in your open orders views to see orders with allocated stock or orders that have no stock allocated. Click the cog icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, go to Edit current view > Fields, Sorting & Filtering > Fulfillment and enable Stock Allocation.