In some cases, when you are creating a Refund for a channel order and check the Refund in Orders > Returns & Refunds page, you may come across one of the below errors:

1. "This item has already been refunded on the channel. Please remove it from the refund request and try again" 

This error can occur with channel orders where the Linnworks channel integration supports refunds being actioned on the channel, e.g. Amazon, where your channel settings have the Order Refunds option and it is enabled:

With the Order Refunds option enabled, Linnworks makes a call to Amazon for the order so the refund could be raised and actioned on Amazon directly. 

If the order line or shipping is already fully refunded on the channel directly - either by a user or by Amazon e.g. when the buyer has raised an A-Z claim - then Linnworks cannot raise a duplicate refund for it and you receive this error.

In order to still handle this refund in Linnworks for e.g. reporting purposes, the Order Refunds  option can be temporarily disabled until you have booked and actioned the refund.

2. The requested refund amount exceeds the amount available to refund for this line. Existing refund requests reduce the available amount even if they are not yet actioned.

This error can be produced in 2 scenarios:

a) The refund you are creating does indeed exceed the amount available alone or together with another refund that is booked or actioned for it in Linnworks.

b) There is already partial refund issued for this order on the channel directly by either a user or e.g. an A-Z claim by the buyer and the amount you are attempting to refund exceeds the already refunded amount. In this case, enabling the option of Order refunds mentioned above, will allow you to action it in Linnworks as well for e.g. reporting purposes.