Order weight is calculated from the weight of all items + the weight of the package.

Item weight can be checked in the Product Details screen > Postage definition

The weight of the package can be checked in Shipping > Packaging Groups > Packaging Types

Order weight can be seen in order details (right-click on the order > View > View Order > Details)

These details can be edited manually or via import. 

Composite items

A composite SKU is a SKU that does not exist as a physical product but is a combination of several SKUs that should be sold together in one pack. The advantage of creating these items in Linnworks is that Linnworks will calculate the number of "packs" available based on the availability of the child SKUs. Linnworks calculates composite items' weight using the following formula:

  1. Linnworks uses a Parent SKU weight if it's set (<0).
  2. If a Parent SKU weight is not set, Linnworks will use the combined weight of the child SKUs.
  3. Linnworks never sums or doubles parent and child SKUs, because it would cause an error in the order total.