1. Find the order in the Open Orders screen

2. Select the order right-click or Actions button > Other Actions > Cancel Order. (In the old Open Orders screen: select the order > right-click > Action > Cancel Order)

3. Leave a note with the cancellation reason for internal reporting reference.

4. Specify whether a Refund needs to be created together with the cancellation or not.

5. The order will be moved to the Processed Orders screen.

A list of all cancelled orders can be found in one of our reports in Dashboards > Query Data > Query Type: Order Cancellation - Grouped by Source or Order Cancellation - Detailed.

Order cancellation and channels

Most channel integrations do not support Order Cancellations, meaning that the order can be cancelled in Linnworks mostly for reporting purposes and will then need to be cancelled on the channel directly as well.

For a list of the channel integrations that do support Order Cancellations and details on how this feature can be used, please see the respective Order Cancellation documentation