To be able to update images on eBay listings from Linnworks, it is necessary to have a listing template and images in the system.

There are several ways to add images to Linnworks:

 Item Images – images on SKU in Linnworks

Images can be added to stock items either individually or in bulk

  •     Edit item manually in Images tab
  •     Import (can be done in bulk)
  •     Extract Inventory (can be done in bulk)

Extended Properties – for images hosted outside of Linnworks

Extended properties are used to better define the product specifications and later use these specifications in listings. These also include images that are already hosted online. Extended properties can be added manually one by one or imported in bulk.

Main reasons to store images in extended properties:

  • The maximum permissible size on Linnworks servers is 1800x1800px, if the size of the image exceeds this allowance, the image will be resized by the system. If it is important to keep the original size, images can be stored in extended properties as a URL. More info can be checked here.
  • Some sellers prefer to have different images for different channels. Storing images in extended properties allows specifying on a per-channel basis which images should be used for a specific channel. More info can be found here.

Template – Exact images that will be sent to the channel for this listing

A Template is a base of listing and hosts details of the SKU, that were selected for the listing creation. Images can be added directly to the template:

  • Template creation

Once a template is created, Linnworks will automatically pull all the images from the inventory that are stored in the image tab or in the extended properties.

  • Manually add to a template

Add Image - a window will open to select the image file to use from your PC > Click Save

Upload from URL - a new window will open, requesting the URL > Enter the URL and click Accept to proceed or Close Window to cancel > Click Save

  • Add/Reload images from the product

Add Images from Product - adds images from the inventory that are stored in Images and in the Extended Properties, but are not yet added to the template. The order of the images will not be changed. Images added to the template manually will not be deleted.

Reload Images from Product - adds images from the inventory that are stored in Images and in the Extended Properties and shuffles them in the following order:

  1. Main image
  2. Template images (manually added to the template with Add Image)
  3. Secondary images from the item
  4. Images from extended properties

Extract Inventory

Extract Inventory has the ability to create a template for an existing listing. Once it is created, all images from the listing will be added to the template.

Update images to template from Inventory:

Another way to update your template with new images is a direct adjustment from the inventory screen:

Right-click > Revise selected > Update images – Adds images from extended properties and sets them first. The order of other images remains the same.