The Extract Inventory is currently available for Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Walmart channels. Its functionality:

  • Creates new Linnworks inventory items in bulk directly from the listings on your integrated selling channel.
  • Updates already existing inventory in Linnworks with the data available on your listings.

NB! When creating Amazon templates via Extract Inventory, there are two template options. When selecting the Catalogue Template optionthe templates are tantamount to Amazon Catalog Listing and cannot be fully controlled via Linnworks. Catalog listing limitations include not allowing titles, descriptions, and image updates via Linnworks. Check more details about working with Catalog Listings here.

Through Extract Inventory, it is possible to create/update:

Single listingVariation listingSingle listing
Variation listing
Single listingVariation listingSingle listingVariation listing
Catalog templateListing templateCatalog templateListing template

Stock level
Extended properties
* ** 
* ** 
Purchase price
Retail price
Product identifiers

- can be extracted but not updated later via Linnworks.

** - only one image per SKU can be extracted due to Amazon API limitations.

Extract Inventory from Shopify

Important! The Extract Inventory tool for the Shopify channel allows you to preview the information extracted from the channel, but you cannot make changes to item details, images, properties, and so on in the Downloaded Item Details pop-up window.

If you have already set up your items for Shopify in the My Inventory screen in Linnworks, be cautious when using the Update option because it will erase the previously set-up details and replace them with the information extracted from Shopify for matching items.


For Amazon, only the main image will be downloaded from the listing. Other images will be ignored. 


To be able to download the Amazon description, please make sure:

1. In Settings > Channel Integrations > Edit Channel > Inventory Sync Download Full Listings is enabled:

2. After this in Settings > Channel Integrations > Edit Channel > Listings > Download Listings is done.

This will make Linnworks use another type of reports from Amazon that include descriptions. Descriptions will be added to metadata in the general tab.

Please note! If you are updating existing inventory with the details from the listing, details that are already in the system, it will be overwritten. This applies to titles, prices, quantities, images, and extended properties with an identical name. If extended properties in Linnworks are different from the ones you have on the listing, they will not be deleted, but the new ones from the listing will be added.

Extract more than one listing at a time:

  1.  Ctrl+A will select all the listings on the same page in the Extract Inventory.

  2. To select all listings on all pages, click the cogwheel icon > All filtered > Download/Create/Update.

The contents of the final column will vary depending on the status of the listing:

  • Download: Use the Download button in this column to download all the available information for a selected listing to Linnworks in preparation for either new inventory item creation or existing inventory item update.
  • Create: Once listing data has been downloaded, use the Create button to create a new Linnworks inventory item.
  • Update: With an already linked listing, use the Update button to add/modify the existing item with data retrieved from the listing.

Please note! This will process all active listings on this channel. It is recommended that you use this option once you start setting up your inventory in Linnworks. If you use this option when you already have some inventory in the system linked to these listings, you might lose the data that has already been added to your inventory items, as it will be overwritten.