Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to Amazon.

Search Terms (search keywords) are terms that you create and submit that give product results when customers submit searches with matching terms. Search keywords can be added as attributes in the Amazon configurator - it is an optional attribute called Search Terms. 

Configurator attributes can then be mapped to Extended Properties on your items so they would always be added to the Listing Template for all items that are listed using a specific configurator.

  • See the respective documentation on Extended Properties for full details and instructions on how to add them.
  • For more information on adding attributes in the Amazon configurator, please refer to this documentation page.
  • Whether you need to add new Extended Property values to your items, then you can use the Delete Extended Properties import to delete the old values in bulk.

Amazon will only accept one Search Terms attribute and the value for the attribute it is limited to 250 bytesBytes correspond to 1:1 for alphanumeric characters (for example a – z, A - Z, 0 - 9). The length becomes variable when dealing with more complex characters such as umlauts in German (for example ä), which can be 2 bytes per character. Other complex characters, such as Japanese and Chinese characters can be 3 or 4 bytes. 

The keywords within the attribute value can be separated by a comma. For more details on the best practices and FAQs about Amazon search terms, please refer to the information available on Seller Central.

Alternatively, Search Terms can be added as a default value to the configurator. In this case, all listings created with the same configurator will have the exact same details on the template. See this article for more details on using default values together with Extended Properties.

If you only have a few SKUs that should be using different details than the rest of your listings using the same configurator, then all the details can also be directly changed or added on a specific Listing Template. Full details on Amazon Listing Templates are available in the respective documentation page.