I would like to change the images on my Amazon listings in bulk. Is this possible? 


It is possible to adjust images via extended properties or add more images to listings in bulk using the listings revision feature. This feature is accessible from the Settings > Configurators screen. The exact steps for using this feature are described below:

  1. Open the channel's configurator(s), such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc. 
  2. Select the configurator(s) that hold listings templates you want to update. 
  3. At the top right-hand corner of the screen, click the Cog icon > Revise Selected.
  4. Select the Update Images option on the screen and click the Revise Selected button.

Single listing adjustment

You can select images for a listing by specifying image URLs in extended properties (AMAZON_IMAGE1, AMAZON_IMAGE2, etc).

AMAZON_IMAGE1 is the main image. Depending on the Amazon category, a listing can have one main image and 5 to 8 additional images.

Variation listing adjustment

Image URLs must be specified in extended properties such as AMAZON_VARIATION_IMAGE1, AMAZON_VARIATION_IMAGE2, etc. 

AMAZON_VARIATION_IMAGE1 is the main image of the variation. Each variation has its own main image. Depending on the Amazon category, each variation item can have 5 to 8 images besides the main item.

This guide fully explains how to add images to listings via extended properties.

Note: Using the Amazon Configurator (you can select multiple configurators) > Revise Selected > Update Images option to update images will remove all images added to the listing templates before and add new ones from extended properties.


Amazon listings will be updated by referencing the image URL from the extended properties.