Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to Amazon.

When adding new or revising existing Amazon listings, an error or a warning message can be returned by Amazon. Unlike the warning message, an error will prevent your listing from being created or revised.

Linnworks has no control over these error messages and simply displays the errors the channel sends us. Most such errors are self-explanatory.

Here are some error examples and their solutions:

1. The SKU data provided conflicts with the Amazon catalog.

Error: SKU: XXXX-XXXX-SM. The SKU data provided conflicts with the Amazon catalog. The standard_product_id value(s) provided correspond to the ASIN BXXXXXXXXXB, but some information contradicts the Amazon catalog. The following are the attribute value(s) that are conflicting: size (Merchant: 'S/M (UK 8-10)' / Amazon: '5 UK / 38 EU'). If your product is this ASIN, modify your data to reflect the Amazon catalog values. Otherwise, check your value(s) for standard_product_id are correct.

The error comes straight from Amazon and states that the information entered for this item contradicts the information in the Amazon catalog.

In this case, the conflicting information is size (Merchant: 'S/M (UK 8-10)' / Amazon: '5 UK / 38 EU').

You will either need to amend these attribute values and update your listing or proceed by matching your listing and adding it to the catalog.

There can be other conflicting attribute values. This error is only an example, but the general idea and phrasing of the error are the same. You must match your item values to the existing listings or add the listing to the Amazon catalog.

2. Too many images.

Status: Errors while updating. Error: Requested value 'PT9' was not found.

This error means that the item you are trying to list has more than 8 images. Amazon does not allow listings to include more than 8 images. Please check your listing template and ensure you do not have more than 8 images. If so, change some of your images from "Other" to "None" status, and the listing should be successfully created.

3. Missing Product Identifiers

SKU XXXXXXXXX-Black, Missing Attributes standard_product_id. SKU XXXXXXXXX-Black doesn't match any ASINs. Make sure that all standard product ids (such as UPC, ISBN, EAN, or JAN codes) are correct. To create a new ASIN, include the following attributes: standard_product_id. Feed ID: 0. For more troubleshooting help, see SKU: XXXXXXXXX-Black

This error indicates that you need a barcode value (EAN, UPC, etc.) Otherwise, Amazon won't allow this item to go through.

As a workaround, if you do not have the right barcode, you can use the option 'Add to catalog.'

4. Incorrect description/title

Status: Errors while creating. Error: The Message/Product/DescriptionData/Description field contains an invalid value.

This error message normally indicates which value is in question. Please check product_description field and provide a valid value for the field, then try listing again.

HTML tags and CSS attributes allowed for Buyer-Seller Messages

5. FBA listings not approved.

“Your seller account is not approved to offer seller-fulfilled products in this category at this time”

If you are allowed to create FBA listings only (not FBM), you may get this error while trying to create an FBA listing. The problem is that the system does not submit information simultaneously but in batches. The first envelope submits the listing information (SKUs, barcodes, etc.), and the second batch submits the Fulfillment Center parameters (AMAZON_EU). When we make the first call (with the first envelope), Amazon returns an error message (Your seller account is not approved to offer seller-fulfilled products in this category at this time), which prevents us from submitting the second batch (the one that contains the FBA information). 

There are 2 options:

1) This error indicates that you are not allowed to create FBM listings. Please ask Amazon directly to remove this restriction. In this case, an FBA listing will be created, and no error will be returned.

2) You can try submitting your items via the catalog.

6. Incorrect value in one of the attributes

The Message/Product/ProductData/FoodAndBeverages/ProductType/Food/UnitCount/@unitOfMeasure field contains an invalid value: Fl Oz. To correct this error, choose from the valid set of values.

In some cases, you may come across an error similar to the one above. The message itself will in most cases state which attribute is the one that contains an invalid value and what the invalid value itself may be. Amazon has a set of accepted values together with quite strict formats for most of their attributes. When Linnworks tries to create the listings, Amazon API will check the submitted values and compare them to the approved values. Whether the values are not on the accepted list, the error message will be displayed.

Please check on Amazon Seller Central directly for the correct values and their acceptable formats.

7. Incorrect value format

Error: Input string was not in a correct format

One of the values you have entered in the attributes does not match with the format Amazon expects. 

E.g. for an attribute Width (value) the entered value is 100cm instead of the correct 100, since the unit is assigned by the Width (unit) attribute.