A template in Linnworks contains details of the SKU selected for listing creation.

* Depending on the channel, some fields of the template may vary. In this example, it is an eBay listing template.

Template for a specific SKU can be accessed from My Inventory > Right-click in the Template > Edit EBAY listing(s):

All templates for a specific configurator can be viewed in Settings > Configurators > Templates:

Right-click on the header to select which columns you would like to view on your template screen.

Before creating the listing, make sure that all the details in the template are correct.

URL – a direct link to the listing that was created from this particular template

Action – allows you to Create or Update the listing

Status – shows a status of the listing for the template - Listed/Not listed/No active listings

Please check that item SKU, Title, Subtitle, Bin Price, Start Price, Accept Price, Decline Price and Barcode (unique 8 or 13-digit identifier) and Start Time are entered correctly.

If Best Offer is enabled Accept Price and Decline Price will be taken from the listing description. These can be added individually on each SKU (guide) or in bulk (guide).

Please note that depending on the options selected in the configurator, some fields may vary. For example, Start Time is only available for configurators set to schedule listings.

Categories - categories that have been picked up for the listing. It is possible to manually deselect the category that was picked up for the listing and select another one instead.

Selected Categories- categories selected in the configurator;

Available Categories - all eBay categories

Store Categories - category of the listing in the eBay store

Specifics - specifications that have been picked up for the listing via configurator;

Images - images that have been selected for the listing via the configurator

+Add Images from Product - download new images from Linnworks

+Add Image - upload new images from the computer or a website

If you would like to change any details on your listing via Linnworks you would need to adjust your template. Please check this guide for all possible solutions for listing adjustment.

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