Listings created via the Linnworks listing tool can be deleted from the system. If you are looking to delete both the listings and the inventory items from Linnworks, then the correct steps would be:

1. Delete template

Select the required template or multiple templates (using ctrl+click or shift+click) and click the DeleteĀ button.

2. Also close listing

Once you click the DeleteĀ button, a confirmation message will pop-up - there is a checkbox which also allows you to tell Linnworks to attempt to close the listing on the channel if required.

3. Delete inventory

Now once the template and the listing are deleted, the SKU can be also deleted (if required). Inventory can be deleted in bulk with Delete Stock Item import.

If you instead delete the SKU(s) from the system first, then templates will also be deleted for these items. But this way the listing itself will stay active on the sales channel, and it won't be possible to close them in bulk via Linnworks.

Listings created directly on the channel need to be closed on the back-end of the selling channel. For these listings, you can also adjust stock levels to 0, and Linnworks will update this info on the channel with Inventory sync. It will not necessarily close the listing (depending on the channel settings), but will make it inactive.