There are several ways to update listings from Linnworks. It can be done via the inventory, the configurator, and via the listing template. When a listing is created, the information is always picked up in the following order:

SKU > Configurator > Listing Template > Channel Listing

So information is picked up from SKU and its extended properties, then passed through the configurator where it picks up the selected attributes and additional information, and then this information is added to the listing template, which in turn passes it to the listing on the channel.

Please Note! Listing updates/revisions work only in this direction. Changes on the channel will not get passed back to the listing template, and changes in the listing template will not be reflected in the configurator or the SKU. It is not possible to update the SKU or the listing template with the information from the actual listing, with the exception of the Extract Inventory tool which can download some information from the listing.

When updating/revising a listing from Linnworks we submit all the data about the listing from the template as this is a requirement of our API integration rather than just pushing some data. 

Adjustment from Inventory

Right-click on the templates column > Revise selected

1. Prices, Titles, and Descriptions are picked up from Product Details > Listing Descriptions with the following priority:

  1. EBAY0_UK - if there is a price/title/description for a specific subsource with the country suffix (for eBay only), then it will always have priority for this subsource and marketplace ( in our example).
  2. EBAY0 - if there is a price/title/description for a specific subsource, then it will be used for that subsource.
  3. Default - if there is only a Default price/title/description added in the Listing Description tab, then it will be used for channels for all channels which do not have price lines specified in points 1 and 2 above.
  4. Retail price / Item Title / Metadata from the General info tab in Edit item - if there is no Default records (3) or subsource records (1 and 2) in Listing Descriptions, then the values from the General tab will be used. So instead of changing it on the General tab - it is recommended to make changes to the values by subsource in the Listing Descriptions tab, or update them via a price/title/description import.

2. If the value of any extended properties that are used in the listing attributes has been changed in Linnworks, this option will push those changes to the template and then to the live listing.

3. If the configurator has had item specifics/attributes added, this option will add those item attributes and associated values to the template and then push those new attributes to the template and then to the live listing.

4. NB! This option will replace all images on the listing with images defined in extended properties.

5. Custom revisions allow you to select multiple of the above options.

 Revise configurator

The Revise configurator option does the same thing as the Adjustment option above. During revision, each listing associated with the configurator will be updated. In order to trigger the configurator revision, please do the following:

1. select the required configurator

2. click the gear button at the top right-hand corner of the configurators screen

3. click the Revise selected option

1. review the information about the selected listings (total number of listings/variations to be revised) before revising the listings.

2. tick check-boxes against the parameters to be updated on all the selected listings.

3. confirm by clicking Revise Selected button.


  • If you need to update all listings under a specific configurator because changes were made in the configurator, then you can revise the configurator to make sure all listings under this configurator are updated with the new information from the configurator.
  • If you've made changes to one or several SKUs, then it is better to use the Adjust Inventory option to populate these changes to the listing instead of revising the whole configurator, as revising all listings under the configurator is not required and can be time-consuming.

 Update template

Updating a template will only send information from the template to the listing. If anything was changed in the configurator or item then these changes will not be updated on the template or sent to the listing. You'll need to use adjust/revise for that (see above).