Linnworks allows you to issue both partial or full refunds. Full documentation, steps and guidance are given in this documentation page. The whole process can be divided into two steps:

1. Issuing a Refund

A refund for each item is added separately. This allows creating a partial refund just for a selected item.

  1. Find the order in the Processed Orders screen.
  2. Right-click Action > Refunds.
  3. + Add or Full Refund> specify amount and reason > Add.
  4. Save changes.

2. Actioning a Refund

To action a refund go to Orders > Returns & Refunds > Actionable Refunds > View/Action > Action.

A Refund that has not been actioned will not appear in any refund-related reports.

Full details on the Returns&Refunds screen can be found in this documentation

Refunds on channels

In most cases, refunding an order in Linnworks does not automatically cancel the order on the channel it was created on. This needs to be done outside Linnworks, directly on the channel. 

There are channel integrations which have had the Order Refunds option implemented. For a list of the channels which do support Order Refunds and on the conditions and settings for enabling this feature, please see the full documentation on Refunds here.