It is only possible to re-download orders which are not shipped on the channel. The order needs to be deleted from Linnworks first and then the system will be able to download it again. Please see below for exceptions (it won't work for eBay).

The process of re-downloading orders can differ for various channels:

Channels with the option to change the Order Sync Date (except eBay)

Settings > Channel Integration > Edit Channel Settings:

  1. Delete the affected orders (do not cancel) 
  2. Go to Settings > Channel Integration > open the channel settings for the channel
  3. Set the 'Last Order Sync Date' back to before the affected orders where placed
  4. Save and close that screen
  5. Wait for the sync to run

This will instruct Linnworks to check all orders from given date again and attempt to download deleted the order.

Please note! If the volume of the orders you receive from the channel is high (800-1000 per day or more) it is not recommended to revert sync date more than couple days. Please contact technical support for advice if you are not sure.

Channels where the option to revert the Order Sync Date is not available:

  1. Delete the affected orders (do not cancel)
  2. The order will be downloaded with the next sync (if it is not processed on the channel yet)


For eBay, there is an additional transaction which needs to be deleted from your database before the system can download the order again. Please contact technical support for assistance.