There are a few simple options available in Linnworks to help users set up a workflow in which invoices, shipping labels or pick lists would not be accidentally printed multiple times for the same order.

Invoices batch printing setting

If you regularly batch-print invoices for your orders, we recommend enabling the respective setting, which makes sure that whenever an order that already has an invoice printed happens among the newly selected batch, the invoice would not get reprinted. 

This setting is available in Settings > General Settings > Print Settings > Invoices:

NB! This setting will only be applied with batch-printing i.e. multiple orders are selected at once. A second invoice can still be printed for the orders when the orders are selected and printed individually. 

Filtered views

Linnworks displays respective icons on each order indicating whether an invoice, shipping label and pick list have been printed for the order already or not.

Invoice not printed.
Invoice printed.
Shipping label not printed.
Shipping label printed.
Pick list not printed.
Pick list printed.

These icons can be used as filters in your Open Orders views, enabling you to set up a custom view to work with, that would e.g. always only display the orders that do not have one or several of these documents printed.

Full instructions on creating and customising Open Orders views are available here.

For the old Open Orders screen, the instructions for working with views are available here.

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