This is a channel-specific article for ekmPowershop. For general information on Missing Orders in Linnworks please click here.

ekmPowershop uses 2 attributes in orders that Linnworks can interact with in order to determine which orders should be downloaded.

  • Order Status

Orders Status needs to be mapped for orders to be downloaded. This has to be done in Settings > Channel integration > ekmPowershop channel settings > Order status mapping.

Linnworks will only download orders mapped to a Linnworks status of 'Paid' and the order must have a transaction id.

  • Transaction Status

Transaction status is used by ekmPowershop to determine the payment status of an order.

In the Order section of the channel config, there is a checkbox called 'Only Download Confirmed Paid Orders'. If it is ticked, Linnworks will download orders with the following Transaction Status regardless of their "order status", as these are the statuses by which ekmPowershop defines an order as paid:

  • Starts With: "APPROVED : "
  • Starts With: "AUTHORIZED : "
  • Equals: "Capture Completed"
  • Equals: "Completed"
  • Starts With: "COMPLETED : "
  • Starts With: "OK: SUCCESS:"
  • Equals: "PROCESSED"
  • Starts With: "SUCCESS : "
  • Ends With: "The payment was captured."

Please Note! This attribute cannot be seen in Linnworks and needs to be checked on ekmPowershop directly.