Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to EKM. Make sure to also check the general troubleshooting steps for missing orders here.

EKM order download job depends largely on the Order status mapping under Settings > Channel integration > Edit channel details > Order. 


a) If no orders have been downloaded at all, make sure that you have the prerequisites set for order download job to run at all:

  1. Linnworks status (right column) Paid needs to be mapped to at least one EKM status (left column).
  2. If Download Unpaid Orders setting is enabled, then either Paid or Unpaid Linnworks statuses need to be mapped to at least one EKM status.

If neither of the above requirements is met, the channel is automatically disabled.

b) If only specific orders are missing, then make sure to check the order statuses on EKM directly and your Order Status Mapping setup. Linnworks selects the orders to download based on the Order status mapping and performs additional checks when needed:

  • Order status

By default, Linnworks only downloads orders that are in an EKM status that is mapped to Linnworks status Paid and the order must have a transaction ID.

If you have enabled the Download Unpaid Orders settings in channel settings, then any orders mapped to status Unpaid will also be downloaded.

  • Transaction status

Transaction status is used by EKM to determine the payment status of an order. When an order is in a status that is mapped to Linnworks status Paid, then Linnworks performs a second check for the payment and transaction status to confirm whether the order is indeed paid or unpaid. 

If the second check determines that the order is not actually paid, the order will only be downloaded if the Download Unpaid Orders setting is enabled. 

Please see here for full and detailed information on EKM Order status mapping and the different checks that are performed to make sure your configuration is set up according to your requirements.