This is a channel-specific article for eBay. For general information on Missing Orders in Linnworks please click here.

If an eBay order was deleted from Open Orders, it will not be downloaded again.

In some cases, the missing order could have been deleted. Please check this in Dashboards > Query Data > Query Type > Manually deleted orders:

If the order is present in this report then you will need to contact Technical Support for assistance.

eBay token

If a token expires and no new token is generated, Linnworks will be unable to make API calls in that user's name. Though this has no effect on the user's eBay account Linnworks will lose the ability to interact with eBay. For example, it will not be possible for the system to download new orders or create new listings. Once a new token has been generated, the system will be able to make function calls on the user's behalf again. More details about eBay token expiry/generation can be checked in this article.