Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to eBay. Make sure to also check the general troubleshooting steps for missing orders here.

The most common reasons for missing eBay orders: 

  1. The channel integration is not connected due to token expiry. Full details on eBay token regeneration are available here.
    To check whether the orders are not downloaded due to token expiry go to Settings > Channel Integrations > Edit channel details > Account > TestOnce a new token is generated, the next order sync will download any missing orders.

  2. The order was manually deleted. When eBay orders are manually deleted in Linnworks, they may not be automatically downloaded. To check whether the order has been deleted, go to Dashboards > Query Data > Query type: Manually deleted orders: 

    If the order is present in this report then please contact our Technical Support for further assistance.

  3. The order is downloaded but does not show up in a filtered view due to payment status. Try searching for the order in an unfiltered view or under Unpaid orders. In some cases orders that users would expect to be marked as Paid in Linnworks are actually showing as Unpaid. Please see here for full details on eBay order payment statuses.