This is a channel-specific article for Magento. For general information on Missing Orders in Linnworks please click here.

By default Linnworks only downloads orders with status 'Processing'.

It is possible to download 'Pending' (not paid) orders if required.

If 'Download pending orders' is enabled, then it is required to specify payment methods for which pending orders will be downloaded.

There is also another option to download orders based on their Order State (instead of Status). In order to do this, you need to enable the 'Use order State' option in the Channel config.

Then Linnworks will download orders based on state {new,processing} as defined on Magento

  • Order State is an attribute internal to Magento. It differs from order status, but they can be mapped in the Magento settings
  • Several Statuses can be mapped to one state, for example: an order state of payment_review could be mapped to status of payment_review and fraud

Orders with other statuses will not be downloaded to Linnworks.