Order workflow:

  1. Linnworks runs a sync and scans all orders that are not marked as shipped on the channel (the exact status name may vary per channel).
  2. Linnworks downloads and saves these orders into the system.
  3. Stock gets reserved and available quantity decreases in Linnworks in the location the order was saved to.
  4. Linnworks sends the new available level for this SKU to all other channels where this SKU is linked.
  5. At some point, the order gets processed in Linnworks (and the actual Stock Level is deducted in that location as a result).
  6. Linnworks sends a Dispatch note over to the Channel.
  7. The order gets marked as shipped on the Channel back-end.

However, there are some cases when an order will not get downloaded into Linnworks. This article will cover the main points to check if any orders are missing from the system.

Orders will start downloading into the system after the channel has been successfully integrated. As a general rule, Linnworks downloads the following types of orders:

  • Unshipped orders, both Paid and Unpaid (depending on your channel settings where applicable)

            *If an order is marked as shipped before Linnworks downloads it, then the system will skip this order.

  • Orders with relevant mapped status (depending on your channel settings where applicable).

Order Status Mapping is the group of settings that dictate which orders will be downloaded from a channel. It is available for channels which support multiple statuses like EKM. To check whether it is applicable for the integration you are working with, please check the channel specifics here.

By default, Linnworks will only download orders that have been paid for. If Order Status Mapping is required, then this needs to be set in Settings > Channel Integrations > Edit channel details > Order.

In case of missing orders, please check the following:

  1. Check whether the orders are downloaded into another location than the one you are viewing:

    The order download location can be changed in Settings > Channel Integration > Edit Channel Location Mapping.
  2. The orders are downloaded but do not show up in the view tab you are using because of the filters. Try searching for the order in an unfiltered view.

  3. Check that the order has not already been processed by searching in the Processed Orders screen. The best way to search is by using the Reference No., which is the order number on the Channel:

  4. Check that the order has not been manually deleted: Dashboards > Query Data > Query type: Manually deleted orders.

  5. Check that the Channel is enabled in Settings > Channel Integrations:
  6. Check there are no errors with the Channel connection (Settings > Channel Integrations > Edit channel details > Account > Test):
  7. Check the order status on the channel backend. If the order is already marked as shipped, it would not get downloaded into Linnworks. Keep in mind that some channel integrations require you to check Order Status Mapping as mentioned above or have very specific statuses that can be downloaded. Please check channel specifics here.

  8. Check Automation Logs. Information in the Automation Logs can help identify any problems during sync which may be the reason why the order could be missed. Most common errors during Order sync can be found here.

If you have checked all of the above points but none apply and the order is still missing, please contact our Technical Support and provide them with the following information in order for the problem to be addressed as soon as possible:

  1. Missing order reference number
  2. Exact Source and Subsource of the order
  3. Screenshot of the order from the channel showing the placement timestamp and status.
  4. Is it just this order missing or are there more? Are there any orders which currently get downloaded from that Source and Subsource at all?

Channel-specific articles

For more information about missing orders for a specific channel, please refer to the following articles: