Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to Flipkart.

NB! Flipkart integration is developed by a 3rd party and technical support for it is provided by the developer.


Linnworks downloads all orders that have the status Approved on Flipkart with both payment statuses: Paid and Unpaid. If an order status equals Approved and its payment status is Unpaid on Flipkart, then that means the order is a COD (Cash On Delivery) order. Trying to process them causes an error in the system.


To process orders from Flipkart, you will need to keep in mind your Order Settings (General Settings > Order Settings > Error Prevention > Pre Processing > Check Payment Status):

  • Check Payment Status is ticked - you will only be able to process orders that are in status Paid. 
  • Check Payment Status is unticked - you will be able to process orders in both Paid and Unpaid payment statuses. 


Unticking Check Payment Status and being able to process all downloaded orders from Flipkart will allow your users to process ANY of your unpaid orders in Linnworks. 

When leaving this setting ticked, the only solution to process Flipkart Unpaid orders will be by editing the order and changing its status to Paid.

For more information about Flipkart and how to configure the channel, see this documentation or contact the developer directly via their website.