Linnworks downloads all orders that have the status of "Approved" on FlipKart with both payment statuses; "paid" and "unpaid". For FlipKart when an order status equals "Approved" and its payment status is "Unpaid" that means the Order is COD (Cash On Delivery) Order. So in order to process orders from FlipKart, unpaid and paid, you will need to bear in mind your Order Settings  [General Settings > Order Settings] 

  • "Only Process Paid Orders"  is ticked, you will be able to process only orders that have been paid for 
  • "Only Process Paid Orders"  is not ticked you will be able to process orders with Paid and Unpaid status 


Having unticked "Only Process Paid Orders" and being able to process all downloaded orders from Flipkart, will allow your users to process ANY of your unpaid order in Linnworks. 

Leaving ticked this setting, the only solution to process FlipKart Unpaid downloaded orders will be editing the order and changing its status to Paid.

For more  information about FlipKart and how to configure the channel, see our documentacion.